Teddy DeWitt


Teaching Interests

Management, human resources, organizational behavior, strategy, entrepreneurship, managing groups and teams, data analytics

Teaching Overview

My strengths as an educator come from my professional background, research interests and teaching experience. First, after attaining an MBA from the Yale School of Management (SOM), I spent four years working in financial analytical roles at Standard and Poor’s and Harvard University. This experience allows me to articulate and describe real cases from the working world and bring practiced, topical skills to the classrom. Second, my research gives me the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills that I can bring to students. My qualitative study of entrepreneurs gives me insight into the detailed process of enterprise construction, while my text analysis of job descriptions has given me the opportunity to hone my big data analytical capabilities. Finally, I have extensive teaching experience as a solo instructor and as a teaching assistant. At UMB, I currently teach the capstone Strategic Management ccourse to undergradaute seniors and the core Strategic Management course to MBA students.Prior to UMB, I was the instructor of record for a 81-student undergraduate organizations survey course, for which I received top teaching ratings. In each of the summers from 2016-2018, I have been the organizer and lead instructor for a week-long intensive workshop introducing graduate students to computational tools and big data analytics. During my graduate work at Michigan Ross and Yale SOM, I was a teaching assistant for several graduate level classes across the management discipline with topics including: general management, human resources, groups and teams, and interpersonal dynamics.

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor, University of Massachussets Boston

  • MGT 490: Strategic Management; BSM capstone course (26 students); Fall 2019
  • MBAMGT 689: Strategic Management; core MBA course (10 students); Fall 2019

Instructor, University of Michigan

  • MO 300: Behavioral Theory of Management; core BBA course (81 students); Fall 2015; Rating: 5.0/5.0, (57 respondents, Average 2015 MO 300 teacher rating: 4.4/5)

Developer and Instructor, University of Michigan

  • ICOS Big Data Camp: a week-long, intensive graduate-level workshop in computational methods including Python, SQL, web scraping, text analysis, and data analytics; May 2018
  • ICOS Big Data Camp; June 2017
  • ICOS Big Data Camp; May 2016

Teaching Assistant, University of Michigan

  • WMBA 509: Human Behavior and Organizations; Weekend MBA elective; Winter 2017 (with Dr. Wayne Baker)
  • MO 501: Human Behavior and Organizations; MBA elective; Fall 2016, 2015 (with Dr. Wayne Baker)
  • MO 557: Positive Leadership and Organizing; MM elective; Fall 2016, 2015 (with Dr. Wayne Baker)
  • MO 503: Leading People and Organizations; core MBA course, Fall 2014 (with Dr. Maxim Sytch)

Teaching Assistant, Yale School of Management

  • MGT 420: Employee (Human Resources Management);core MBA course, Spring 2009 (with Dr. James Baron)
  • MGT 422: Operations; core MBA course, Spring 2009 (with Dr. Arthur Swersey)
  • MGT 401: Managing Groups and Teams; core MBA course, Fall 2008 (with Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski)
  • MGT 405: Interpersonal Dynamics; core MBA course, Fall 2008 (with Dr. Heidi Brooks)


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