Teddy DeWitt

My name is Teddy DeWitt and I am an Assistant Professor in the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston. My research program has three streams. The first focuses on the way that financialization can alter the structure of organizations. The second focuses on how teams and organizations make sense of and respond to rapidly changing environments. The third examines how new technology intersects with job and work design.

My current research is most heavily focused on the third research stream, and it examines how jobs evolve and are redesigned in the face of technology, by focusing on the process of how jobs are constructed out of organizational tasks. I use a combination of large scale job transition analysis garnered from of a unique proprietary dataset of 14 million resumes, text analysis of job descriptions, and qualitative interview data gathered from entrepreneurs to examine my topic.

I recently completed my graduate studies at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. During my graduate studies at Michigan Ross, I am honored to have been an award-winning instructor in the BBA undergraduate core and I have organized and been the lead instructor for a popular week-long intensive workshop focusing on big data and computational methods called ICOS Big Data Camp. For more information about my background, my teaching abilities and my research portfolio, please click on my CV link below and explore the site.


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